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Monarch ER- 8" by 8" cage for nursing sick caterpillars and problem chrysalises
a small cage for birthing butterflies and nursing sick caterpillars.

Monarch ER Butterfly Cage- mini monarch hospital 8"x8"x8"

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MonarchEmergency Room for birthing butterflies and nursing sick caterpillars!

  • For Indoor Use or Outdoor Area protected from wind/rain/predators
  • Drawbridge Door-flap hangs down and won't get in your way when cage cleaningor inserting/removing monarch caterpillars, chrysalides or butterflies
  • 8" x 8" cube is our mini monarch hospital for fallen chrysalidesor sick caterpillars that need to be separated to prevent spreading disease
  • Fine mesh keeps baby in and small predators out
  • Handles for easy portability
  • NOPVC Window allows butterflies emerging from chrysalides to easily climb up cage to dry their wings
  • GreenCage folds flat for easy storage.
  • Check out our Instructions Page for additional cage and accessories info
  • All Butterfly Cage/Kit customers receive an invite to our Closed Facebook Groupto discuss raising monarchs + post your photos
  • Save 15% when you bundle a cage with the How to Raise Monarchs Downloadable Guide (this guide also contains info on finding eggs or purchasing them from vendors, if needed)

Carrier shipping delays may occur due to increased shipping during the covid-19 pandemic, and delivery times can be 7-10 business days...we will keep you updated as this changes:  

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Time Out Space

I really like the ER Cube cages for all of the reasons stated in the product ad, but my favorite use is as a Time Out Corner (space) for mischievous instar 5 fatties. While searching for the perfect place to pupate, some of these cuties will poke, prod,and generally harass other cats. When one cat will NOT be redirected to a different area of the cage ceiling I remove it to an ER Cage. Ive learned that 2 out of 5 (in my experience) will choose the zipper to make its silk button even though it means hanging sideways. Now I put the zipper side down! That eliminates the very awkward situation of a chrysalis on the zippera short zipper in a small space! Its more difficult to move a chrysalis like that than in a regular cage.

We don't use the small cage for wandering 5th star cats, but door down sounds like a good idea for this size cage with no accessories! Thanks for sharing...

Mini Cage

Purchased my mini butterfly cage and I can't wait for the upcoming season to use it. It is just what was needed to separate the babies from the adults. I hadn't any idea where to find one of these, but luckily I got two from Monarch Butterfly Life on this site. I'm so grateful & I now know I can find so much more needed items & advice on my Monarch raising. I will be in my third year & am a novice at this, but it is so rewarding & having the right equipment is so very important to me. It makes everything easier. Thank you so much for being there.

ER is Vital

With my latest ER purchase, I now have 6 medical and behavioral seclusion rooms for my caterpillar patients. I had a couple cats who needed seclusion to recuperate from tachnid egg surgery, both successful to release; I also had a cat cannibalize 2 roommates, so she (it turned out) was secluded until release, and one cat was charging round and round his feeding tube stand, but not eating, so I secluded him. He made it to J, but did not complete pupation. Thanks to his ER, there were no other such cases. There were even 2 cases of what may have been bird attacks. With a nice quiet private room to rest in, both recovered and completed their life stages with release. Thanks to the ER cages (and even professional surgical instruments), I can take in cats that would certainly have no chance at all at life. The Monarch cages are now collapsed and packed for the season, so the room is a plant nursery, until next August! I love the little ERs, they are life savers.

A Must have!

These are adorable and perfect for so many purposes travel, ER, etc.! So glad I bought two more than one is definitely useful! Fast, friendly service and shipping too!

Nursery cube

I really like the mini cube that I call the nursery cube. After the eggs hatch and they are moving around I place them in this mini cube. They transition to the bigger cube with more space and fresher milkweed. And if one cat is struggling I can separate this one to put in the mini.

Customer Reviews

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TALL Baby Butterfly Cage w/ Viewing and Short Peg Rack + 8pk Fat Cat Floral Tubes

Came quick and was exactly what we needed. Had over 30 cat's show up in January - early this year. Was not sure with weather going into the 40's at night if they would survive. Cage big enough to put potted plants in. East to clean. We have released 10 butterflies so far and have 20+ cocoons. Loved being able to see them go from cats, to cocoons, to butterflies safely inside the house. Easy to carry outside to give them sun and fresh air during the day. Would recommend and buy again!!!

These were actually a gift for a neighbor who raises monarchs. I've let milkweed grow in my back yard and she harvests it for the caterpillars and eggs that she finds there as well as other places nearby. She loves them and is looking forward to the new season.

These were actually a gift for a neighbor who raises monarchs. I've let milkweed grow in my back yard and she harvests it for the caterpillars and eggs that she finds there as well as other places nearby. She loves them and is looking forward to the new season.

starter kit

My daughter has an strong interest in preserving the Monarch Butterflies. She has just purchased a home and this is the perfect way for her to start. I purchased the book, a butterfly cage, and tubes for the food to stand in. She was thrilled when she opened the box.

Wonderful, am raising butterflies as we speak.
Poo platter makes it so easy to maintain.